GENERAL ORDER 2020-2021 No. 1


  1. Having succeeded to Department Commander in accordance with the Bylaws of the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States, I hereby assume command.

  2. All previous appointments having expired are declared null and void.

  3. The following appointments are hereby announced:

            Adjutant:  Dennis Parizek, Post 1481, Ogden, UT

            Quartermaster Pro Tem: Dennis Parizek, Post 1481, Ogden, UT

            Chief of Staff:  Timothy Von Bon, Post 8307, Layton, UT

            Inspector:  Russell Pogue, Post 10900, Moab, UT

            Service Officer (subject to confirmation by the Department Council of Administration):

            Wendy Griffin, Post 6154, Morgan, UT

  1. For purposes of clarification, we do not operate as a men’s organization or a ladies organization, but as the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States – Department of Utah and its VFW Auxiliary.

  2. Every Post chartered by the Veterans of Foreign Wars of the United States will be expected to participate in the following programs during the 2020-2021 year: Voice of Democracy, Patriots Pen, "Buddy”® Poppy, and Veterans and Military Support Programs. Additionally, it is    necessary that all Post and District Commanders comply with all provisions of the National and Department Bylaws and the National Manual of Procedure and Ritual.
  1. Attention of Commanders at all levels is directed to Section 703 of the National Bylaws which requires that each accountable officer be bonded with an indemnity company in the sum at             least equal to the amount of the liquid assets for which he may be accountable.
  1. Attention of Post Commanders is directed to Section 218(a)(11)(b), Manual of Procedure, Trustees, which states that Post Trustees shall prepare and submit quarterly, through their Post Commander, a Post Trustees’ Report of Audit (VFW Store product #4214) to the Department Quartermaster for referral to the Department Inspector. The first report for the quarter ending 6/30/2020 is due July 31, 2020.
  1. Attention of Department and Post Commanders is directed to the requirement of timely filing of       Internal Revenue Form 990 and 990/T, where applicable. Forms may be secured from    or the local branch office of the Internal Revenue Service.
  1. Posts are urged to start planning suitable programs now for the observance of Veterans Day (see Section 223 of the Manual of Procedure).

  2. A thorough program of District and Post inspection is necessary to ensure compliance with National and Department Bylaws and directives. The Department Inspector will inspect the Districts.  The District Commander will inspect their Posts.  If a District Commander needs assistance with inspecting Posts, the Department Inspector should be contacted for assistance.  Department and District Inspectors shall make every effort to inspect every District and Post under their cognizance on an annual basis and correct such discrepancies as may be disclosed.

  3. The distribution of VFW "Buddy”® Poppies will be conducted according to the provisions set forth in Sections 711 of the National Bylaws and the Manual of Procedure. District and Post Commanders should arrange now for the distribution of "Buddy”® Poppies in their respective areas. All profits accruing from the distribution of "Buddy”® Poppies shall be used in accordance with Section 704 of the National Bylaws and the Manual of Procedure.
  1. Attached is a listing of the appointments I have made to date for the Program Chairpersons for 2020-2021.

  2. Also attached is a listing of the 2020-2021 Council of Administration members eligible to vote as of this date. 

  3. Those members who wish to seek election to a vacant position must notify the Department Adjutant Dennis Parizek in writing of their desire to be considered.  It is recommended that the candidate(s) attach a resume.  Nominations will close on Friday, June 26, 2020. 

The following offices are vacant and I am accepting nominations for them:

            Jr. Vice Commander



            Judge Advocate


            National Council of Administration Member


In accordance with Commander-in-Chief Executive Order #2, dated April 24, 2020, election of the officers for these positions will be the members of the Department Council of Administration.  The election will be held using a mail ballot.  The ballot and  candidate(s) resumes will be mailed on Saturday, June 27, 2020.  Instructions for completing and returning the ballot will be included.

  1. A ballot is enclosed asking for your confirmation of Wendy Griffin as the Department Service Officer


Yours in comradeship,





2020-2021 Council of Administration Members as of 6/12/2020


Notification may be by email or regular mail.

The composition of the Department Council of Administration is defined in the Department Bylaws, Article V, Section 1(a).