2024-205 All-State and Membership (Coming Soon)


2022 - 2023 Community Service Report (Excel)
2022 - 2023 Community Service Report (PDF Fillable)

District Election Report (PDF Fillable)
Membership/Recruiting Report (Post/District) (PDF Fillable)
Poppy Order Form (PDF Fillable)
Post Election Report w/Instructions (PDF Fillable)
Post Inspection (PDF Fillable)
Trustee Report (PDF Fillable)
VFW Member of the Year (PDF Fillable)

NOTE:  Those forms above that are noted as "PDF Fillable" or "Excel" means that you can complete the form via your computer.  Follow the Instructions below:
  1. Select the file.
  2. When it is open, select to download the file to your computer. 
  3. Open the file and you can type directly into the report or form. 
Remember, you must first save the file to your computer. It will not work directly in the browser.